It’s an art and great skill to distinguish a genuine gemstone from a synthetic one which every individual should learn at least to certain extent to have the authentic one.

Gems are expensive and it is not at all desirable to afford great deal of hard earned money for a fake piece of gemstone jewelry. By applying the techniques given below one can easily determine whether the gem is fake or real.


1. A real gemstone will not look perfect. It may have dents, scratches or other faults whereas synthetic gemstone tends to sparkle much more than real one.

2. Weight is the another factor of determination of fake or real gemstone. Synthetic gemstone is heavier than the real gemstone. By simply holding the stone in hand one can easily feel the difference in weight.

3. Easy way of testing of diamond – If you breath on it should not be foggy. Secondly, the real testing of genuine diamond is that it should be able to cut glass.

4. In ancient time when technology was not so advanced, an old method of testing was in vogue. People used to put the piece of gemstone in the mouth to test its genuineness. If it is glass it will get warm whereas gemstone feels icy for longer time owing to having its higher thermal conductivity than glass.

5. Perhaps the most notable difference between synthetic and real gemstones is the price. Synthetic stones are moderately priced because they are not as rare as real gemstones.