It is believed from ancient time that all the planets have their different power. Some of them are most beneficial and some of them are malefic. Rahu is one of gemstones that have so malefic and harmful to all human beings.

It may be very harmful for everything like his wealth, life, health, prosperity, reputation etc. To avoid all the malefic effects, various legendary and well known astrologers suggest Hessonite gemstone by wearing this stone, wearer easily can avoid all the malefic effects. In the gem world, Hessonite gemstone is popularly known by another name called“Gomed”. It is also considered as the birthstone for January month. It is mainly found either in brown or yellowish color.

Historic value of Gomed:

It is believed that in ancient time this stone was considered as one of the most popular and useful stones. It is believed that this stone was considered as a sign of describing affectionate feelings. This gemstone was being exchanged as a gift item for improving their affection and fondness for one to another.

Healing properties:

Gomed or Hessonite gemstone is considered as cold stone, which is so much effective in reducing and curing the various bad effects and diseases caused by imbalance of Rahu or Saturn. By Wearing Hessonite or Gomed gemstone any individual can reduce and cure his/her problems, energy loss and appetite loss. This stone also brings better health, unending material wealth and lots of happiness in relationships.

Hessonite not only reduces and saves humans from malefic during the period of effects of Rahu (mahadasha) but also if Rahu is in beneficial condition then it enhances the advantageous effects of Rahu.

It is also believed that this stone is specifically more beneficial for the people of media, cinema, music, arts, performing, film production, newspapers, publishing magazines and various other professions. This stone is also said to be beneficial for self employed businessmen, people deals in transportation,printing technology, press, computer hardware, chemicals, cinema, grocery, clubs, service etc.

Further, Gomed or Hessonite is also very appropriate for people involved in the trade of export and import, commission agency, administration, media etc. This stone also helps people interested in astrology, show business or public seeking field.