Healing Chakra


Chakras are the energy vortices that exist within the subtle or etheric body, not the physical body. They are not only the “Energy Gates” of the aura but the centers of energy also – right from balancing to storage and distribution These vortices transmit energy to the body. Each Chakra governs specific functions of organs in the body close to the place where they are situated.

There are seven major Chakras between the base of spine and crown of head and each governs specific body functions.


Chart of Healing Chakras
The positive and relaxed feeling comes from the balanced Chakra. If you have balanced Chakra you will notice that you are feeling positive, relaxed and everything in your life is going on a right track.
In case your Chakras are not balanced and getting blocked, you will start feeling negative and depressed. Besides, you will start feeling that nothing is going right in your life.