Kunzite is a large pink gem, usually found in a variety of pink color range. It may be found in light pink to lavender color range. But occasionally it is found in more saturated pink color.

Kunzite is not as widely known as other popular pink gemstones like Ruby, Tourmaline etc. Kunzite gemstone was virtually unknown to most Gemologists until 1996.

Variety of Kunzite is often found in the sizes over 10 carats and stones in 20-40 carat size with good clarity. This gemstone has a hardness of 6 to 7 on the Moh’s scale of hardness. As it is relatively fragile and can easily break or damage by elements of rough nature, it should be protected from sharp blows. Due to this fragile character of Kunzite, it is used in making pendants, brooches and earrings and other soft jewelry items only.

Healing properties of Kunzite:

Although Kunzite is a new gemstone in the gem world it has become popular within a short span of life due its several unique, beneficial features like healing and spiritual properties with an attractive pink shades. It is soft and has a self regulating intensity. Furthermore, It is said that Kunzite has a powerful and unique vibration. It is considered as a sign of unconditional love and has deep healing power. Kunzite is considered to be a powerful healing stone. It has an ability of calming the heart and reducing the chances of heart break and various heart related problems.

It is also believed that this gemstone is very much useful in quick healing after surgeries, accidents etc. It has higher ability to augment the consciousness of mind and is helpful in removing the aura of negative energy and in forgetting the painful memories which disturbs the peace of mind.

It gives stability in emotions and enhances your positive energy aura. In present times this gemstone is also considered as a sign of divine love, powerful loving thoughts, true self-love and self acceptance.

Kunzite is also popularly used in mediation. It is said to helpful in alignment of the heart and throat during the meditation. It amplifies the sense of emotional equilibrium of its wearer.

Spiritual Properties:

This crystal activates higher consciousness of mind and healing deep emotional problems. It is also very useful in nurturing and reducing the stress and depression of mind. It also establishes the connection between humans and divine energy source and that is why it is used in yoga and various Chakra treatments. It also protects individuals from their negativity and negative aura of unwanted energy. It helps mind in simulates positive self-talk, love and healing.

Artistic Kunzite is so much used for making contemporary jewelry. It has an ultra-feminine essence of pink canary.