Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest and most popular gemstone among all the gemstone. This gemstone is used for adorning purpose since long time.

It has a deep, celestial blue shine which makes it a symbol of royalty and honor, power, spirit, vision, etc. In present era it is considered as a symbol of wisdom and truth universally.

This gemstone is found naturally by mining in Afghanistan, Australia, Myanmar, China, Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, and Laos among others.

Historic value of gemstone:

In ancient time this gemstone was highly regarded and used in jewelry items due to its striking color and shade. Lapis Lazuli came from Persian and Latin languages. Lapis came from the Latin language; means “stone” and Lazuli came from the Persian language, means “blue”. In ancient Egypt, Lapis was highly used in making jewelry items like pendants, beads, scarabs etc. it was also used in making medicine and cosmetics.

Properties of gemstone:

This gemstone has a hardness between 5 to 6 on Mohs scale. Lapis Lazuli is considered soft and comparatively less harder due to its score on Mohs scale. So it is used in making soft jewelry items like carvings, beads, pendants, earrings, cabochons etc.

This beautiful gemstone is popularly used for a long time (from 6000 years). It is being used since long due to its striking royal blue color and various healing properties.

It is believed that Lapis has very effective for Executives, Journalist, and other professionals due to its enhancing and simulating wisdom ability. It is also believed that it improves intellectual capabilities, problem solving techniques and creating new ideas for inventors, designers and writers. It harmonizes and maintains appropriate balance between spiritual, mental and physical level of the body.

Lapis Lazuli is also beneficial to throat, larynx and vocal chords. It is believed also that this gemstone is very helpful in fast overcoming from hearing loss and ear problems.

It is widely believed that this stone is very effective in deep communication and great friendship. It is also believed that this gemstone helps in removing depression and giving courage as and when needed most (in fearful situations). This gemstone is also very useful in calming the mind and reducing the anger level.