Larimar is a one the gemstones which is considered to be very rare, unique and most radiant. Larimar has an elegance and radiance beauty. It is highly regarded due to his sparkle, softness and extremely precious nature. In ancient time it was considered as a sign of wisdom.

This beautiful gemstone is mostly found in Dominican Republic, Caribbean Sea. It is also found in a variety of colors from white to green- blue or “volcanic blue”. Hardness of this gemstone is 5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. So this gemstone is only used for making soft jewelry pieces like earrings, pendants, necklaces and more. Striking blue color of Larimar is frequently thought to exemplify the stunning blue color of the sky. Larimar jewelry is traditionally fashioned and much more popular in all around the world. This gemstone requires care while using for the purpose of making jewelry.

Healing properties of gemstone:

It is said that this precious gemstone is mostly used for jewelry making purpose. In fact, this gemstone is considered one of the most popular adornment stones for enhancing beauty and making decorative items.

The divine feminine of this stone connects directly to the spirituality. From many years, the gem is unveiling the users to present them in a different aroma in the parties or in any functions.

This gemstone is also highly beneficial for human being. Larimar stimulates the heart, throat and third eye. It also promotes inner wisdom. This crystal also represents peace, clarity, quick healing capability. It is believed that Larimar is also effective in reducing depression, stress and anxiety.

Larimar is also called Atlantis stone due to its spiritual properties. Larimar is also said to be a result oriented stone in spiritual satisfaction. This stone has both metaphysical and healing properties.

Larimar is also used as a therapeutic gemstone due to its therapeutic and healing abilities. In present days thousands of people, naturalists and spiritual masters use Larimar to help and bolster healing procedure.

It is believed that Larimar is so effective in improving speaking and communication ability and also supports the usual therapeutic process.