Apatite- Concentration & Confidence


Apatite is a gemstone which is a phosphate mineral compound. It has been using as a gemstone for jewelry and in making ornaments for centuries due to its healing credibility and shiny skin. This hexagonal mineral is found in European land. Apatite found mostly in Portugal, Kola, Russia, Germany.

Apatite has been found in different colors. This color variation in Apatite occurs due to the presence of Halogen in it. Apatite finds in a variety of color ranges and shades.

Apatite is considered as a soft gemstone due to its hardness score on Mohs scale. This crystal has a hardness of 5 Mohs on scale. Owing to a low score of hardness, it is only used in making soft jewelries like earrings, pendants, necklaces etc.

Healing Properties of Apatite:

Apatite gemstone is significantly used in jewelry making due to its various healing properties. This stone improves intellectual and spiritual capabilities of individuals. Apatite gemstone has potential to heal ailments. Since it contains calcium, it can also be used for healing bone related problems. It also improves the metabolic rates and thereby improves energy and growth of organs. The Apatite gemstone can be used for establishment of equilibrium of psychological emotions of individuals.

It is believed that Apatite is also very effective for motivational approaches. It is a stone effectively used in developing the independence and ambitiousness of individuals.

Apatite is also very popularly used for enhancing the public speaking and group communication capability. Due to having connection with third eye, crystal is also used for developing concentration and memory skills.

A color variety of Apatite is significantly used to support for business also. Apatite is similarly helpful at the time of unemployment or in finding alternative employment.

Apatite Gemstone Pendant

A variety of Apatite can also be used as most useful stone to access the subconscious mind part and for solving creative problems. Due to this access Apatite also enhances creativity and awakens of mind.

It is believed that, Apatite is a stone that brings great knowledge bright and positive future to its possessor. It can also be used for various purposes like healing, information, communication and teaching .