jewelry has always been an important part of human culture and it is loved by all. An ornament completes your attire. It is like cherry on the top of a cake. It is simply enhances the beauty of its wearer. Fine gemstone jewelry is designed in such a way that it could last for a lifetime. However, proper care and cleaning is required to assure the lasting qualities of your jewelry. Jewelry always looks more attractive and charming when it is clean.

Basic Care Of Gemstone Jewelry


Care and cleaning of gems and metals are quite different. Your gemstone jewelry requires a special care. It is very delicate and should always be handled with care. Always store your gemstone ornament in separate jewelry bags to prevent scratches and chipping of stone.

Unfortunately ,most of the jeweler do not suggest or educate you as to how you can take care of your precious stone jewelry. Caring of your jewelry starts with proper wear and thats why you should know when to put it on and to take it off. Certain tips are captivated below so that you can take good care of your prized possessions:

Soap and shampoo contains chemicals and it can react with gemstone and metal of your ornament making its appearance dull. So you should always remove your jewelry before bathing and cleaning.

To prevent your jewelry from physical damage or chemical reaction, remove it before performing manual tasks. You should remove your all jewelry before any heavy physical activity, sports, gardening, cooking, cleaning the house and kitchen.

Before entering a swimming pool or a spa you should remove your all gemstone jewelry. Precious stones and metal of your jewelry can react with chlorinated water and can cause color changes and sometimes even structural damages too. So its better to avoid wearing jewelry in pool and spa.

Generally we put our jewelry first and then apply makeup. The chemical present in lotions, deos, creams and hairsprays can damage your precious stone jewelry. These chemicals not only reduce gem brilliance, they can also be highly destructive to some stones. So its better to apply makeup first and then put on the gemstone jewelry. As far as possible don’t use perfumes in areas that may come in contact with your jewelry.

Keep the jewelries in proper case/boxes meant for the same to avoid scratch. Fabric-lined jewelry boxes are ideal to secure gemstone jewelry from any scratch. Try to store your gems and jewelry pieces in these type of boxes and prevent them from moving around.

Travelling can be tough on jewelry, so while travelling you should always keep jewelry in a proper box or case and protect your favorite pieces from any damage. Always keep in mind that you store your jewelry in such a way that the pieces don't come in contact with each other. Wrap each piece in tissue or cloth or put them in separate compartments in a jewelry box. Jewelry often comes in special boxes and wraps Try to keep the piece in its original case. These boxes are traditionally made of fabric and leather.They are the best means for storing the jewelry and will provide protection from damage and dirt.

Sometimes when you don’t wear your jewelry for a long time it tarnishes. So to maintain the luster and shine of your jewelry, place a silver anti-tarnish strips in your storage box. It will absorb the oxidants that discolor and tarnish jewelry. Always wrap gemstone jewelry piece in a tissue to keep it safe.

Cleaning Of Gemstone Jewelry


Cleaning of jewelry with gemstone is very different. For this type of jewelry you should always follow the proper cleaning method which is suitable for the less durable stones also. While cleaning the same you have to look at what type of gem you are cleaning.

Ruby, Sapphire and many other transparent gems with high scores on Mohs scale of hardness can be cleaned with warm water, mild soap and a soft brush. Gems that are opaque like Amber, lapis, Malachite, Jade and Turquoise are porous gems and have low score on hardness scale should never be cleaned with soap, detergents or chemicals, clean them with a wet lint free cloth and then set aside to dry. Opals should be cleaned in the same way as they are very soft gems.

If you clean your jewelry regularly it will definitely look more beautiful, but always be extra careful while cleaning your gemstone jewelry. Here are some general guidelines to clean jewelry that may help:

Never use bleach to clean your gemstone jewelry, it can literally destroy your jewelry, sometimes rubbing alcohol can work wonders. But still its better to purchase a commercial cleaner from a jeweler or you can make mild cleaning solution by your own.

Always polish your silver or gold with a jewelry polishing cloth. Some people also use a svelte or an old diaper to polish jewelry, but for best results use professional cloths only. Never use tissue or paper towels as they have fibers and can cause scratches on your gemstone and metal.

Using warm water is the best way to clean your gemstone jewelry. Soak the piece for few minutes in a solution of warm water and a mild detergents. Avoid using a cleaning solution that contain Ammonia or other chemicals that can damage sensitive gems like Amber and Pearl.

Use a soft brush to gently scrub and clean your jewelry, you can also use a toothpick for picking accumulations but just be careful while using the same, don’t be too harsh.


If you find that a piece of jewelry is damaged, keep it aside for repair and contact your jeweler as soon as possible. Never clean a cracked, broken or damaged jewelry as mishandling can worsen the problem.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. After professional cleaning of your jewelry always check each item properly and inspect it minutely for any possible problems.