Navratna, literally a Sanskrit compound word meaning Nine gems. The word Nav means ‘nine’ and Ratna means ‘gem’. It is believed that Navaratna gives Happiness, inner peace, good health and wealth to its wearer. It removes negative energies or malefic effects of Planets and strengthens the positive effects of the gems. Navaratna refers to nine gemstone related to nine planets used in Vedic Astrology.


1. Ruby : Sun

2. Pearl : Moon

3. Red Coral : Mars

4. Emerald : Mercury

5. Yellow Sapphire : Jupiter

6. Diamond : Venus

7. Blue Sapphire : Saturn

8. Hessonite : Rahu, the ascending lunar node

9. Cat’s eye : the descending lunar node

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Prior to use any of the Navaratnas one should keep in mind the following factors to get maximum result:

1. Purity of stone to transmit vibration to wearer. There should not be any crack in the stone which may block the path of light or rays.

2. Gems should be natural (without any treatment)

3. Will power and belief of the wearer.

Besides the above, larger stones are recommended also to have maximum benefit to the wearer.


According to Indian Astrology the setting of Navaratnas should be very specific to have desired result :

Ruby: The common place of setting Ruby which represents Sun is the center.Ruby brings name, fame and power for the wearer.

Diamond: Diamond which represents Venus should be placed in the east. It is said that the users of Diamond enjoy a luxurious life. Diamond enhances the name, fame and artistic talents of the user.

Blue Sapphire: The place of Blue Sapphire which represents Saturn is in the West. It wards off evil effects of Saturn. Blue Sapphire has the magical power of promoting the user to a higher status.

Cat’s Eye: The place of Cat’s Eye which represents Ketu is in the north. It gives protection to the wearer from diseases, mysterious dan and hidden enemies.

Coral: The place of Coral which represents Mars is in the south. Red Coral creates courage. It also helps to cure blood related diseases.

Emerald: The place of this stone which represents mercury is in the north east. It helps in enhancing the skill such as communication, intellect and ability to grasp.

Hessonite: The place of Hessonite which represents Rahu is in the south west. The shadow of Rahu creates hurdle in the life of human beings. In fact, the shadow planet is responsible for all sort of delays or late fulfillment of ambitions. This stone protects the wearer from sudden misfortune and helps to improve the relation with others.

Yellow Sapphire: The place of Yellow Sapphire which represents Jupiter is in the north. This stone is very popular and widely used because it not only helps to achieve better status but also improves vision, protects the wearer from poverty and misfortune and provides life security.


It is a well known fact that planets keep their position changing so does the dasa and mahadasas on the planets. As per almost all eminent Astrologers evil effect of planets can be balanced by effect of the beneficial planets set in Navaratna Jewellery.

It is very interesting to note that Navaratna Ornament can be worn by every one irrespective of Zodiac. It does not have any adverse effect. It is advisable that the Navaratna Jewellery should be made either of gold or silver. We should know the reason as to why the Navaratna ornament is preferred to only one astrological gemstone. If only one astrological gemstone is worn, it will focus only on a particular planet or problem whereas in case of Navaratna Jewellery it brings the benefits of all the nine planatory gemstones simultaneously.