Garnet January Birthstone


A Garnet is referred to most precious gemstone amongst all. It comes in a variety of colors and shades except blue.

Each month of a year is related to a specific gemstone . That gemstone is considered as a birthstone for those who take birth in that month. The Garnet gemstone is a birthstone for January month. It is believed that garnet gemstone is very effective in gaining the victory of its wearer and protects him/her from bad nightmares.

Garnet gemstone is found around all over the world. It is mainly found in Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and Mozambique etc. Garnet gemstone is considered as one of the hardest gemstones. This crystal has a hardness of 7 to 7.5 around on Mohs scale.

Garnet is found in a huge variety of colors, shapes and shades. The modern garnet gemstone is virtually undiscovered until the decade of 1960. Varieties of garnet gemstone in different colors are found all around the world at various mining places.

Due to its enough hardness, it is used in each and every type of jewelry like pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings and more.

Historic value of the gemstone:

Garnet is a very rare and useful gemstone and birthstone amongst all gemstones. It has a long glorious history. Even, the glory of Garnet has been described in “Bible” also. In the Bible, Garnet has been described as a precious, costly and hardest stone.

Garnet has been described in the Bible also as “Carbuncle”. Basically “Garnet” word came from the Greek language. In ancient time, Greeks initially thought that garnet came from the seed of the Pomegranate fruit. So it was named after Pomegranate fruit. Even, at the time of Victorian Era Garnet was considered as the most precious gemstone among all other remaining gemstones.

Healing property of garnet:

It is believed that Garnet has various healing properties. It is believed that Garnet has an ability to heal skin related problems. Garnet has ability to regulate the heart and blood circulation properly. It can also be used for healing of depression.

In many places, it is believed that if Garnet is exchanged as gift for presenting affectionate to each other this exchange will ensure that they will meet again.