Citrine or stone of sunshine is a natural stone which is found in pale yellow to brown color. Due to this color range, this natural birthstone also called “Stone of sunshine”. The name “Citrine ” is derived from Latin “Citrina” which uses for “yellow” in Latin.

. Citrine is one of the stones which are rarely found in the natural state. Mostly they are heat-treated for their commercial use. With heat treatment natural stones are made more beautiful and elegant but they lost their properties. Natural light yellow Citrine is also called “Lemon Quartz” or “stone of sunshine” in Gemstone world, due to its color property.

Historic value of Citrine

In ancient time, Citrine was most important stone and popularly known as the “merchant’s stone”. This name describes the importance of Citrine and as to why it is considered a stone of good wealth in Feng Shui. In old Chinese myth and legends, Citrine was considered as the ‘stone of success ’

because it is thought to promote success, prosperity and abundance, especially in business. The practice of placing citrine in the cash register of shops earned it the nickname "the merchant's stone".

Properties of the Gemstone

Citrine is considered effective stone in the fast money venture, and it is specifically used for financial speculation and for commercial success.

Citrine is not only used for fast money venture but also for boosting self- esteem and for enrichment of concentration. Moreover, it can make its possessor successful in every field.

Citrine is also considered as a source of positive energy. It has an ability of dispelling the negative energy and negative thoughts. Citrine is more powerful in its natural state. In natural state it can not only dispel the negative energy, but also used as a power source for positive energy.

The gemstone of sunshine, Citrine also has healing properties of the sun. It carries optimism, happiness, cheerfulness and abundance. Citrine is the alternative birthstone for November month, and natural birthstone of the people born in summer and of the ones born under the sign of Cancer. It is also the accepted birthstone for the 13th and 17th wedding anniversary.

It has a hardness of 7 on Mohs scale. Due to its hardness score on Mohs scale, sunny and affordable citrine can brighten almost any desirable jewelry item like pendant, necklace, ring bracelet, earring and many more.