Sapphire- Stone Of Success


Sapphire is one of the most popular stone among all other gemstones around the globe. It is being used in making jewelry since long. Sapphire is used for enhancing beauty and wealth of the individual. This gemstone is considered mysterious, spiritual and occult in nature. It is known for the good fortune and luck for its wearer. Sapphire is so much loved because of its beauty, grace, rareness and healing properties.

Ornaments made from Sapphire are very much popular and always remains in fashion.

Sapphire is a birthstone for September month.

This is considered as one of the hardest and most durable gemstones, due to its score on Mohs scale. It has a hardness of 9 on Mohs scale. So it has more than enough durability and toughness for making desirable jewelry designs like earrings, pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets and many more.

Healing properties:

This attractive member of the corundum family represents the most powerful planet Saturn or Shani. Blue sapphire or Neelam is considered to be very efficient in removing harmful influences of Saturn and blessing its possessor with unexpected success in each and every field.

Sapphire is a very powerful stone. It is believed that sapphire has an ability to transform negative feelings into peace, joy and love. Sapphire brings wealth, health, fame and popularity in the life of its possessor. It also improves happiness, prosperity with mental peace to its wearer. It is believed from an ancient time that Sapphire gemstone has an ability to protect its possessor from traveling problems, terror, thieves, accidents and problems arising out of natural disasters.

Sapphire has the power to improve the life of individuals and bestow the unexpected success on them in their each and every stage of life. Sapphire is not only used as an adorned piece of jewelry like pendants, rings, necklace to look attractive and trendy but also makes the possessors divinely happy with good luck and huge success at each and every stage of their lives. It is believed that Sapphire can be used for bringing prosperity to its possessor. Sapphire can also be used to erase the negativity and evil power of all kinds.