Topaz- Temper Cooling Stone


Now a days a number of gemstones are available in the market. Topaz is considered as one of the most useful gemstones . It has lots of unique healing properties. Those properties make it most popular and desirable stone. It is found in a variety of colors. One of them is Mystic Topaz. This variety of topaz is largly found in Australia, Brazil, China, Japan and Eastern Africa and Nigeria.

Mystic topaz is a unique gemstone variety of naturally found Topaz. This crystal is mainly famous for its amazing beauty and adorable look. Topaz is a birthstone for December month.

This gemstone is considered as one of the hard and durable gemstones. It has a hardness of 8 on Mohs scale. Due to its score on Mohs scale it is used in making every desirable type of jewelry like pendants, earrings, rings, necklaces etc.

Healing properties:

There are several properties of this crystal which gives it so much popularity among all over the world. It is believed to be so effective and good for creative people. It is said that this stone is popularly used for increasing and improving creativity and beauty of its possessor.

This stone is also used in healing themselves by wearing this crystal. A topaz can help them to balance their emotions besides reducing their tension also.

It is believed that this gemstone is useful in bringing love in human life. Hence it is popularly used by couples who are having disputes in their married life. It also brings wealth and prosperity in business .Due to this capability most of businessmen prefer to wear this gemstone. It is also said that this gemstone brings a good luck in life the of its wearer. One interesting thing about the stone is that this gemstone is very effective in reducing anger. So, it is recommended to those people who have anger issues in their lives. It keeps them cool and makes them realize true feelings.

A topaz stone is also used as a protector. It protects its possessor and his home from getting destroyed by fire, flood and other calamities. People suffering from bad nightmares or having various sleeping disorders gets lot of help from this gemstone. This gemstone is not only a good healer in that condition but also helps to transform all the negativity.

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