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We often see so many people wearing Rudraksha. But we do not know much about it. The term ‘Rudraksha’ is the combination of two words i.e ‘Rudra’ and ‘Aksha’. Rudra means ‘Shiva’ and Aksha means ‘Eyes’. As per Hindu Mythology, Rudraksha tree is believed to have originated from Lord Shiva’s tears. The brown coloured Rudraksha is the seed of a particular tree species found in Himalayan region. Due to misuse of these there are very few remaining in this area of India. Presently, these trees are found in Nepal, Burma, Thailand and Indonesia. This particular tree grows at a certain altitude in the mountains. Low temperature and pollution free environment are required for its survival. This seed (Rudraksha) have a very unique vibration which varies with its size. So far as vibrantion is concerned there is a very interesting thing to note that the big bead is not so vibrant as the smaller one. The vibrantion will be more and more if the size of bead is smaller and smaller.


Rudraksha breads range from one faced(Mukhi) to twenty-one faced(1-21 Mukhi) However,1-14 faced (1-14 Mukhi) Rudraksha are worn by people. Each of them have their own importance and power. For general purpose, 4, 5 and 6 faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha beads are worn by people.

Healing properties:

It has been confirmed repeatedly by thousands of wearers of Rudraksha beads during various studies that they got relief from various problems. The benefit which can be availed/enjoyed by the wearers of Rudraksha bead which possess itself various properties. The healing properties of Rudraksha are summarised below:

1-It boosts the confidence and gives inner strength.

2-Besides functioning as the shield against negative energy it helps in balancing blood pressure, reducing depression, stress and other mind related problems.

3-Rudraksha beads are capable of aligning our mind and the positive energies around us to specific aspects like creativity, speculation, prosperity and sexual harmony.

4- It helps the wearer to lead a successful life.

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Rudraksha functions as the shield against negative energy but at the same time it is possible for some people who has mastery over it, to use negative energies to cause extreme sufferings/harm to someone else. The mala can be worn all the time even at the time of shower. If the wearer takes cold water bath it is good to flow over it and upon the body. It is well known to everyone that whenever we take bath the water flows from upper portion to the lower portion of the body. So if Rudraksha mala is worn at thetime of taking bath, the water will flow over it also through the body which is good for our health. But one thing which we must keep in our mind that if we use any chemical soap and warm water while taking bath the Rudraksha may be brittle and cracked.