Rutile- Venus Hair Stone


Rutile is a variety of quartz. Name Rutile is, in fact, derived from Rutilus, the Latin word for red and the mineral gained its name because some specimens are available in lovely deep red color. It may also appear in brown and gray tones. Rutile is well known for its habit of forming needle-like inclusions within other minerals, especially Quartz, in the form of long and slender yellow straw-like crystals.

Rutile quartz is mostly found in Australia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Norway, Pakistan and United States.

Rutile gemstone is a major ore of titanium. So it is considered as strong and durable as titanium. It has a hardness score of 6 to 6.5 on Moh’s scale. Thus, it is considered tough and durable choice for making all desirable designs like earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants and many more.

Rutile gemstone is popular around the world, due to its ability of improvising positive energy, high conductivity, power of healing and maintaining the aura of positive energy surrounding the wearer.

Healing properties:

Rutile has various healing and spiritual properties, which makes it most popular and demanding among the people. It helps the body to digest nutrients and gives strength to the immune system. It prevents depression and helps its wearer to look younger. It is also effective in strengthening positive thoughts, improves them and enables intuitive and spiritualistic emotions in its wearer.

It eradicates negative emotions like fear, depression and stress. It also efficiently cleans and synchronizes the aura of positive energy. It is no doubt very fine on all spiritual chakras. It can also be used for revitalization, fast healing, regeneration and reorganization of the cell structure. It is recommended for degenerative brain, heart failure and tiredness.

In commercial language, this gemstone is known as “Venus Hair”. Rutile gives special healing powers to body and act as a better health tonic in developing tissues and cells.

Black Rutile, a variety of Rutile, enhances the intuition of its wearer. Thereby it is also said to be an effective stone for increasing gambling luck. At the work place, this gemstone is so effective in negotiations. Therefore, this gemstone is said to be effective for people in management and sales promotions.

It provides new energy and protection against harmful electromagnetic waves. It is especially effective and recommended for throat chakra. It is also very efficient in improving determination and enthusiasm.

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