Smoky Qtz- Anti Depressant Stone


Smoky Quartz is basically a member of the Quartz family. The name Smoky Quartz is due to its smoky color range from greyish-brown to dark brown and black. This smoky color results from natural exposure to radiation.

Smoky Quartz is mined in most places around the entire world. It is mostly mined in Colorado, USA, Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, Scotland and Switzerland. In Scotland this beautiful gemstone is considered to be a national gemstone.

Since ancient times Smoky Quartz was considered as a sacred stone, but it was rarely used in jewelry making. This stone was also regarded as a grounding stone, which provides physical and psychic protection. It was believed that it had ability to remove negative energy and transform it in positive energy.

Healing properties :

Smoky quartz has various healing and spiritual properties, which makes it loveable and one of the most desirable gemstones. Smoky Quartz is considered to be a stone of good fortune and wealth. In various difficulties smoky quartz supports in enhancing the survival instincts and determination of its wearer. It also enhances peace with joy and pride. It promotes intuitions and helps to its wearer to keep focused on preset goals in odd situations.

It is very effective in removing emotional blockages and also very efficient in making mood. It has an ability of transforming negative energy into positive energy. It can transform negative emotions like fear, anger, jealously into positive one like rejoice, joy and happiness. It can be used for clearing mental clutter and promoting focus. It also supports mental peace, serenity and calmness and is popularly effective in relieving grief and depression.

This extra-ordinary crystal can be placed in any room to purify and balancing the energies. It can help in alleviate pain in hips and legs and even cure headaches. It promotes detoxification, regulates body fluids and facilitates the healing process.

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