Spinel- Stone Of Immortility


Spinel is one of the rarest gems among all gems around the world. This gemstone is known for its astounding beauty and clarity. Many royal families often use this gemstone as a ruby for enhancing their beauty and elegance. It is said that the enormous black prince’s Ruby that used in the Imperial State Crown of United Kingdom is actually a spinel. Spinel is found in a huge color range also.

Eventually Spinel is considered as a stone that has a huge color variety and due to this, it creates a great confusion to its user all the time. Spinel has a valid mineral, which possesses lots of beneficial properties for humans. It is said that Spinel is a stone that can bring high energy to all efforts and all realms. It is believed from ancient time that Spinel is used to attract money, wealth and prosperity. Spinel is also considered as a stone of immortality.

Natural Spinel is a very adorable and indeed a beautiful gemstone, which has lots of characteristics as ruby and sapphire. Spinel is also considered as a very hard gemstone due to its hardness score on Mohs scale. It has a score of 8 on Mohs hardness scale. Due to this high score of hardness it is considered to be quite tough and durable gemstone. That’s why it can be used in making every desirable design jewelry item. Due to Spinal’s very good dispersion and high intensity it acquires a vivid fire. The intensity of spinel color is due to the fact that spinel is one of the few singly refractive gemstones.

Healing properties of Spinel:

Spinel is used in the mental realm for intellectual power and alleviating forgetfulness. Emotionally, it alleviates stress and depression and bring calm to its wearer.

This gemstone is not only as beautiful as ruby or sapphire, but it also possesses the same healing and mystical properties as ruby and sapphire. Spinel is also considered as high energy stone. Due to its high energy it can be used to heal physical energy blockage. This gemstone is very effective in lending the body energy also. From ancient time it is believed that this beautiful gemstone is also very effective in speedy recovery from all diseases associated with movement like problems in joints, bones and muscles. Spinel actually gives strength and increases healing power of its wearer. This gemstone is very effective in teeth, spine and gum problems. It efficiently uses for whole body healing, cancer healing, slimming to a healthy weight and increases physical energy and stamina. It is believed from long time that this gemstone has a power to spiritual healing too. Red and black spinel are especially associated with Root Chakra and the Kundalini Energy.

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