If you observe closely you will find that Tulsi is planted in almost all the houses. But most of the people does not know as to why Tulsi is planted in the courtyard and worshipped in traditional Hindu houses. According to Hindu mythology Lord Krishna brought Tulsi for benefit of human beings. It is believed that where the Tulsi is planted that place is protected from evils or harms and becomes so holy that Yam(the Lord of death) cannot enter the place. After various research and studies it revealed that it has several beneficial effects. It is having anti-bacterial,anti-viral and anti-microbial properties.


In Hindu tradition Tulsi wood is the most sacred wood and Tulsi mala made of this is beautiful thing to possess and wear. It is surprising to note that as soon you wear it around either neck or wrist you will feel protected, focused and confident. It will help in enhancing the energy to deal with stress easily.


The Tulsi Japa Mala is regarded as the best for worshiping of Lord Krishna, Ram and Vishnu. The Sacred chanting mala must contain 108 beads. For chanting there are certain procedure which are required to be followed. In fact, the Japa Mala is also designed according to the above requirement. 108 beads are set in a loop with one big bead which represents Krishna. While chanting one should start with the smaller of the two beads set next to the Krishna bead by holding it with the thumb and middle finger. When one round is completed fresh round should be started from the opposite side. It should be kept in mind that crossing over the Krishna bead is prohibited and considered to be disrespectful.

Healing properties:

Tulsi Plant has powerful medicinal qualities. When one takes up its rosary it helps him in so many cases related to health etc. However, synopsis of benefits/healing properties is captivated below :

1.The wearer of this mala gains health and mental peace

2. It has the power to cure high fever, depression, disorder of mind in ones system etc.

3. According to Ayurveda it is very useful in the throat diseases provided it is worn around the neck.

4.It drives away cold, flu and acidity.

5.It maintains ritual purities and wards off all evils and dangers

6. It purifies both the body and mind.

7. It balances the vata and kapha remarkably.

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